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tailored to 

students needs.


Trouble with Homework?

Trouble with Homework?

Let us help you get the most out of your study
by organising your tasks.

Your study, your future

Your study, your future

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you to the next level.

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Individually tailored lesson - $50 per hour

Groups limited to 2 - $25 per student

Venue: Your home 


Joanne Holland has more than 25 years experience teaching children, teenagers and adults.  With an extensive knowledge of the P – 12 Curriculum in Queensland, she received an 'Outstanding' classification from the Department of Education for her skills as a Teacher / Librarian.   Specialising in English and Literacy, she has also taught:

  • Senior English
  • Middle School English
  • Primary School English
  • Business Communication and Technologies
  • Accounting
  • Legal Studies
  • Home Economics
  • Study Skills
  • Resume writing
  • Adult education

Tutoring students one-on-one provides many advantages unavailable in a large classroom.  Each student is provided with:

  • Customized and individually paced instruction on writing skills and content
  • Clarification of the student's understanding
  • A non-threatening and supportive environment
  • A high level of quality interaction and response between teacher and learner 

A free half hour consultation with the family or student who requires tutoring is offered.  The purpose of the consultation is to meet the student and evaluate his or her needs.  The student's learning needs are discussed, examined and assessed to meet their needs.   Joanne believes in consolidating the student's skills based on grammatical foundations.  She is convinced that face-to-face tutoring is the best method to encourage and instruct a student.

Testimonials of Joanne's professionalism and ability as a Teacher will be supplied at your request.